Inuit Youth Sail Training
Inuit Youth Sail Training
An Evening of Supporting Programs for Inuit Youth

The ayalik fund

The Ayalik Fund gives those Inuit youth who would otherwise not have such opportunities a chance to build self-esteem and confidence, through challenging outdoor adventure, meeting other young Canadians and social-cultural exploration.


We believe that challenging outdoor experiences help to build the self-confidence needed by so many youth if they are going to achieve their potential.  Many Inuit children today, in a society with “a foot in two worlds” and with parents often lacking sufficient resources, are unable to accomplish this without an additional boost.  The Ayalik Fund provides just that.  Since our inception in 2015, we have sent more than 70 Inuit youth to various programs across Canada. The Ayalik Fund is a donor advised fund at Tides Canada Foundation that supports initiatives for Inuit children and youth from Nunavut.

This gala is organized by Brigantine Inc. to support Inuit youth sail training.  The Ayalik Fund, given its history working with Inuit youth from Nunavut, was invited to co-host the evening. All proceeds raised through this event will be held by Brigantine Incorporated in a fund for the purpose of allowing access to its programs for Inuit youth.


Canada’s Original Tall Ship

Tall Ship Expeditions Canada - Brigantine has offered personal development outdoor adventure programming since 1954. Offering a robust bursary program, T.S.E.C. provides countless young people from Ontario and beyond with teamwork, leadership, and career development skills. The St. Lawrence II is a testament to community effort. Known as the Bluenose of Lake Ontario, she represents the determination, heritage, and philanthropy of the region.

TSEC - Brigantine offers an immersive, experiential outdoor adventure program, focused on providing an engaging, fun, and positive expedition, through which youth are empowered to become  stronger people, develop new perspectives, and form lasting connections. The social bonds and interpersonal dynamics created aboard a working Tall Ship enable participants to gain insight into themselves, concepts of community, and working harmoniously.


The RMC Senior officers’ Mess

A lovely and fitting venue for a celebration of Tall Ship youth programming

Mere feet away from the site where the original HMS St. Lawrence was built, the RMC senior officers’ mess features a main dining room for one hundred and fifty, as well as a furnished salon with a fireplace & grand piano. The outdoor space features a shore-side gazebo and seating overlooking Kingston harbour, Navy Bay, and the Gateway to the Thousand Islands.


This fundraiser will empower young people from Canada’s Inuit community to take part in a well-established personal development programming, providing them with a solid foundation in leadership & teamwork skills as they transition into adulthood, and onward to happy, successful lives.

The results of this program have been astounding!